Mood Swings

Mood Swings

It is common to treat patients for mood swings using nutritional therapy and diet change. In my over 20 years of clinical experience, I have found that the most common reason people suffer with mood challenges is from hidden inflammatory responses to a toxin or infection that filters down into the hormone cascade. Once the reason that the hormones are out of balance is corrected, the mood swings generally subside on their own.

Less prevalent than hormone shifting but also common in my practice are mood changes that are much more severe in presentation coming from rapid changes in brain chemistry as found in bi-polar disorders. Toxic metal syndrome shows up in this presentation but not as often as bio-toxin borne illness from Mold or undiagnosed Lyme disease.

If your mood swings seem to be hormonal in nature, blood tests for hormones are not always accurate for identifying a problem. This can make diagnosing functional hormone changes tricky. In this case, we will often use salivary hormone assessment to identify where the problem is within the cycle. If the mood imbalance is coming from a toxin or infection diagnostics need to be used to confirm which toxin and or infection is the primary issue. From the diagnosis, the pathway to correction is clear. I specialize in working with the functional changes in your body to correct the cause of the symptoms and remove the presence of abnormal mood presentation.

In working with a Functional Medicine, Certified Clinical Nutritionist you will hear the word “functional” quite a bit. What we are referring to is that not all problems show up in your blood work, and there may be a more subtle change in your system that is not bad enough to raise the red flags for your medical doctor. Hormones are a perfect example:

It is important to note that when your medical history and health related goals are explored, your consultations are held directly with Dr. Shaw, not an untrained individual, a staff member, a questionnaire or a computer program. You will not be signing up for a “program” and paying money up front for services not yet rendered. Your health care journey in our office is unique to your specific needs.

I look forward to working with you directly to identify where your mood swings are coming from. — Dr. Conan Shaw  Functional Medicine, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Pittsburgh PA

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