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Questions Regarding Insurance Coverage

Does insurance cover nutrition counseling and vitamins?

Many insurance plans have coverage for nutritional counseling. Patients can either refer to their plan documentation or call their insurance company to verify coverage for out of network nutrition counseling services. In addition to coverage, patients may want to inquire about the percentage is that is covered, any plan maximums, and if a deductible applies. Vitamins and supplements are not covered by health or prescription insurance.

Are nutrition counseling and vitamins allowable expenses under Health Saving Accounts?

Patients with an HSA, FSA or Health Savings Account, can inquire about submitting receipts for acceptance by their HSA. In these cases, Dr. Shaw will provide a letter outlining treatment in the office and your medical supervision and clinical relevance for care. With this letter, both nutritional counseling office visits and vitamin therapies can be submitted to your HSA for review.

What if blood work or other lab tests are needed?

If blood work or other lab tests are needed to confirm a working diagnosis Dr. Shaw can order the necessary tests. Patients should call their insurance provider to confirm the tests are covered and the insurance company will guide them to the lab that the insurance prefers the patient use. Usually all of the blood work ordered by Dr. Shaw is covered.

Payment for Services / Insurance or HSA Submission

Payment is due upon receipt of services (office visits and consults) or upon the purchase of vitamins and supplements. If you chose to submit receipts for your nutritional care to either your insurance company or HSA for re-imbursement, Dr. Shaw will provide you with the proper form(s) and documentation. These forms will only need to be signed by the patient/insured individual and forwarded to your carrier. Please refer to office pricing page for any questions on prices for office visits.