Diet Modification

Why do we need diet modification? A Mt. Sinai School of Medicine study last year found that of the 167 chemicals discovered among the volunteers tested, 94 are toxic to the brain or nervous system, 76 are carcinogenic and 79 are linked to birth defects. The number one source of these toxins? The air we breathe. The number two source? The food we eat.

It tends to be a bit of a social challenge to walk around in a HazMat suit or Darth-Vader respirator to protect yourself from toxins, so the next best step is to clean up your diet a good bit. But what version of the over 3000 diets on public record is the best fit for you? That is not an answer easily found from your good friend “Dr. Google”.

Do you need the best diet for too much stress, too many histamines and multiple hormone imbalances? How about the best diet for auto-immune disease, migraines and constipation? What about just jumping on the latest fad diet, Intermittent Modified Keto sounds like a good experiment for the next month right? Not really.

In the practice of Functional Medicine and as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist the “One Size Fits All” diet approach is absurd. Why didn’t the diet your best friend go on work for you? Because you are two different people with completely different needs. With over twenty years of clinical experience and diagnostics to support the direction we take your diet, I will help simplify this dietary confusion for you.

Another good question, do you need diet modification or are you at the point where you might be looking for a healthier lifestyle? “Diet” is a bit of a nasty word to some people.

I think the answer to “why we need diet modification” is simple, the bigger question is what is the best diet modification to support your unique needs at this time, and what diet should you transition to once you have regained your health? The diet that we might use to allow healing in your body might only be healthy to follow for sixty days, where should you go from there?

I am happy to help you answer these questions. — Dr. Conan Shaw  Functional Medicine, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Pittsburgh PA

Diet Modification

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Dr. Conans 7 Pillars of Health

When the foundations of health are strong, the body has an amazing ability to heal. As a clinician, with over 20 years of experience, I have identified the following seven principles, or pillars, of health that I use as a basis to promote health and healing.


What does your unique, biochemical fingerprint look like? What I consider to be a primary pillar of health is individualized, optimized biochemistry. As a clinical nutritionist, I evaluate a patient’s unique needs for clinical support from vitamin therapies that are required to maintain or achieve health. Before I evaluate a patient for clinical imbalances, I will start by asking a number of questions about the more fundamental pillars of health listed below.


Are you properly hydrated? How much do you weigh and how many ounces of water do you drink per day? Do you consume caffeinated products or alcohol that will interfere with proper cellular hydration? Start by trying to drink 40% of your body weight in ounces of water a day and work your way up to a goal of 50% of your body weight in ounces.


Do you exercise? How often and with what intensity and duration do you exercise? If you don’t exercise, start with something simple like 20 minutes, three times a week and slowly build yourself up. Exercise, in today’s reality, can be found in hundreds of forms most of which have redeeming health benefits.


How many hours of restful sleep do you get every night? Is it easy to fall sleep? Is it easy to stay asleep? Do you have dreams? When you wake in the morning are you tired or rested? Everyone’s sleep requirements are different, but the minimum I would consider for any individual would be seven restful hours of uninterrupted sleep.


How is your mood? A positive mental attitude is an important pillar in overall health. Are you optimistic? Does stress seem to distract you from finding balance on a regular basis? Do you have hobbies or activities that bring you pleasure and joy at least on a weekly basis? Where do you fall on the “I love myself “scale?


Are you experiencing pain? Pain changes the biochemistry of the human body to a compromised and imbalanced system. Identify where your pain comes from and address the root of that concern to allow the body a chance for healing.


How clean is your diet? Is your diet filled with processed, refined foods similar to the Standard American Diet (SAD)? Or, are you eating whole foods often enough to promote healing in your body. Have you identified any foods that may be good for health in general but do not agree with your system? Food sensitivity elimination is considered to be very important to allow the body to heal.

Often, small adjustments to each of these pillars of health can allow the body to be in the position to start healing on its own.

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Questions & Answers

Your First Office Visit

At your initial face to face consultation with Dr. Shaw, an experienced Pittsburgh Nutrition Counselor, you will go through a complete medical history and exam, followed by an exploration of your health-related goals and concerns. Blood work and diagnostic tests will be ordered at this visit. The focus is placed on answering:

  • What is your diagnosis?
  • Can you be helped?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How much improvement should you expect?

Treatment Plans

After all of your information has been gathered (history, exam, and in some cases blood work or other lab tests), an office visit will be scheduled to outline your treatment plan. This second visit is designed to educate you about your health and specific disease risks.

It consists of a detailed discussion on what the right diet is for you and how that diet change coupled with nutritional intervention will correct your health concerns and change your life positively.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please complete and bring the “New Patient Confidential Information Form“.

If you are currently taking any medications, supplements or have any allergies, please fill out and complete the “Medications / Supplements / Allergies Questionnaire“.

Also, if you have any recent blood or lab results or medical diagnosis reports, please bring a copy of them to your appointment.

How long are appointments?

Appointment times vary according to different health histories and conditions but an average initial consult is 30-40 minutes long.

The treatment plan visit is 30 minutes but can vary according to your medical conditions. Follow up visits are 30 minutes.

We require a 24-hour cancellation notice for scheduled appointments to allow those on our waiting list the opportunity to get in for care sooner.

You will be charged for scheduled “no-show” visits. Thank You!

Getting to Our Office

Dr. Shaw’s office is conveniently located near I-79, Route 19 and the PA Turnpike. Detailed directions may be printed here.

Dr. Conan Shaw
667 Castle Creek DriveSeven Fields, PA 16046

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What Conditions do you treat?

Patients come to Pittsburgh Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutritionist Dr. Conan Shaw’s clinic for a variety of reasons (ie. women’s health, heart disease, weight loss, Lyme disease, mold illness, migraines and much more. You can visit this page to get a detailed list of conditions we treat.

What Conditions don't you treat?

We are not a primary care practice. Dr. Shaw’s background is in Functional Medicine Clinical Nutrition practice with a focus on Functional Medicine. His strength lies in applying peer-reviewed & accepted nutritional methods to complex chronic health problems for correction. Dr. Shaw may complement but cannot and will not replace your current primary care physician.

Does insurance cover nutrition counseling and vitamins?

Many insurance plans have coverage for nutritional counseling. Patients can either refer to their plan documentation or call their insurance company to verify coverage for nutrition counseling services. In addition to coverage, patients may want to inquire about the percentage is that is covered, any plan maximums, and if a deductible applies. Vitamins and supplements are not covered by health or prescription insurance.

Are nutrition counseling and vitamins allowable expenses under Health Saving Accounts?

Patients with an HSA or Health Savings Account, can inquire about submitting receipts for acceptance by their HSA. In these cases, Dr. Shaw will provide a letter outlining treatment in the office and your medical supervision and clinical relevance for care. With this letter, both nutritional counseling office visits and vitamin therapies can be submitted to your HSA for review.

What if blood work or other lab tests are needed?

If blood work or other lab tests are needed to confirm a working diagnosis Dr. Shaw can order the necessary tests. Patients should call their insurance provider to confirm the tests are covered and the insurance company will guide them to the lab that the insurance prefers the patient use. Usually all of the blood work ordered by Dr. Shaw is covered.

Payment for Services / Insurance or HSA Submission

Payment is due upon receipt of services (office visits and consults) or upon the purchase of vitamins and supplements. If you chose to submit receipts for your nutritional care to either your insurance company or HSA for re-imbursement, Dr. Shaw will provide you with the proper form(s) and documentation. These forms will only need to be signed by the patient/insured individual and forwarded to your carrier. Please refer to office pricing page for any questions on prices for office visits.

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