Dr. Conan Shaw

With the use of an integrated medical approach, we specialize in treating the “why” behind a broad spectrum of health issues ranging from Immune Deficiencies to a Slow Metabolism, G.I. Issues to Mood Related Concerns, Cancer to Chronic Fatigue, and from complex Auto-Immune Diseases, Lyme Disease and Mold Born Illness.

A 1998 graduate of Logan College, Dr. Conan Shaw was the recipient of the “Clinical Science Division Award of Excellence”. Shortly after graduating he accepted a position in a multidisciplinary Wellness Clinic where he specialized in integrating alternative nutritional therapies with traditional medical treatments.

In 2001, following his three-year postgraduate studies in Clinical Nutrition, Dr. Shaw started a private practice in Cranberry Township, PA. He has a Bachelors Degree in Human Biology (BS), is a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine (DC), is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) and a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFMCP).

Dr. Shaw Is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist with the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, a founding member of the I.S.E.A.I, (International Society of Environmentally Acquired Illness) and a Certified Practitioner with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

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Integrative Medicine
Dr. Conan Shaw

Our Head Clinician

Dr. Conan Shaw is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner with over 25 years of experience.

Dr. Shaw works with individuals to help them achieve their health goals, often when their health goals seem out of reach.

Dr. Conan Shaw

Functional Medicine Practitioner, Pittsburgh

Dr. Conans 7 Pillars of Health

When the foundations of health are strong, the body has an amazing ability to heal. As a clinician, with over 20 years of experience, I have identified the following seven principles, or pillars, of health that I use as a basis to promote health and healing.


What does your unique, biochemical fingerprint look like? I consider individualized, optimized biochemistry to be a primary pillar of health. As a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, I evaluate a patient’s unique needs for individual clinical support. This includes specific vitamin therapies that are required to maintain or achieve health. Before I evaluate a patient for their clinical imbalances, I will start by asking a number of questions about the more fundamental pillars of health listed below.


Are you properly hydrated? How much do you weigh and how many ounces of water do you drink per day? Do you consume caffeinated products or alcohol that can interfere with proper cellular mineralization and hydration? Start by trying to drink 40% of your body weight in ounces of water a day and work your way up to a goal of 50% of your body weight in ounces. The tissues of the body require hydration to function optimally. Many people have replaced the thirst mechanism with hunger and find themselves over-eating and under-hydrating. I have a 33 oz glass water bottle that has the hours of the day on it. I fill it 2x a day and just keep up with the times. There are even apps for your smart-phone now that will remind you when it is time to hydrate. Take this pillar of health seriously.


Do you exercise? How often and with what intensity and duration do you exercise? If you don’t exercise, start with something simple like 20 minutes, three times a week and slowly build yourself up. Exercise, with today’s technology , can be found easily in hundreds of forms, on your home TV or Laptop, on a spinning bike with virtual connections or in any number of group settings. Most forms of exercise have significant redeeming health benefits from improved sleep and immune function to cancer prevention and mood enhancement. When evaluating a patient for their individual needs, types of exercise will be often discussed as part of the plan.


How many hours of restful sleep do you get every night? Is it easy to fall sleep? Is it easy to stay asleep? Do you need medications to achieve restful sleep? Do you have dreams? When you wake in the morning are you tired or rested? Everyone’s sleep requirements are different, but the minimum I would consider for any individual would be seven restful hours of uninterrupted sleep. When you wake feeling rested it is a good indicator that you have met your requirements. Sleep offers so many benefits it is impossible to list all of them. Reminding patients of the boost in metabolism with proper rest is usually a motivating factor to turn the lights out a bit earlier.


How is your mood? A positive mental attitude is an important pillar in overall health. Are you optimistic? Does stress seem to distract you from finding balance on a regular basis? Do you have hobbies or activities that bring you pleasure and joy? Do you allow yourself the time to enjoy them at least on a weekly basis? Where do you fall on the “I love myself “scale? Positive mental attitude is a critical pillar in the path to healing. Harvard is even performing studies on visualization to modify hormone imbalances. One of the first questions I ask most patients in their initial medical history is regarding stress levels.


Are you experiencing any kind of pain? Pain changes the biochemistry of the human body to a compromised and imbalanced system. Identify where your pain comes from and address the root of that concern to allow the body a chance for healing. Inflammation from chronic pain spills over into the biochemical pathways of all systems wreaking havoc on the potential for optimal health.


How clean is your diet? Is your diet filled with processed, refined foods similar to the Standard American Diet (SAD)? Are you eating whole foods often enough to promote healing in your body? Have you identified any foods that may be good for health in general but do not agree with your system? Food sensitivity elimination is considered to be very important to allow the body to heal. Do you enjoy the full color spectrum of veggies on a regular basis? The phytonutrients from veggies are being studied to the level of understanding the potentials of disease prevention. Foods can be medicine or poison. That is individual to the person. This will be a primary pillar of your care in a Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionists office.

Often, small adjustments to each of these pillars of health can allow the body to be in the position to start healing on its own.

Call (724) 778-3000 today and schedule an evaluation with our expert team and let’s get you on track to “Renewing Your Health”

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Dr. Conan Shaw

Clinical Director

Dr. Conan Shaw is a Functional Medicine, Certified Clinical Nutritionist with over 20 years of experience. Dr. Shaw works with individuals to help them achieve their health goals, often when their health goals seem out of reach.

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Trista Caldwell

Office Manager

Trista brings a dynamic and diverse range of experience to the role of office manager. She has served as an EMS first responder, a pharmacy supervisor, manager for health and fitness clubs and multiple retail management positions.

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