Mold and Biotoxin Illness

Mold and Biotoxin Illness

There is a percentage of the population (24%) who cannot tolerate exposure to molds. This is a genetic pre-disposition and has been there since birth. The simplified version of this imbalance is that if a pre-disposed individual lives in or is exposed to molds the toxin released from the mold goes in their body but can’t get out. Their immune systems cannot bind the antigens and excrete the toxin. When this happens the immune system stays in a heightened state of awareness (constantly reacting like you are sick) and it causes a chronic inflammatory response syndrome (C.I.R.S.).

In Western PA there is a significant presence of mold in our homes, schools, churches and old buildings where we work. Imagine if 30% of the places we visit in this area have toxic mold and 24% of the people living here cannot genetically tolerate mold exposure how many people are suffering. Current estimates are that 30-50% of all buildings in America are water damaged.

Symptoms of Mold Illness:

Fatigue, memory problems, problems finding words, weakness, achiness, headaches, problems learning new information, light sensitivity, concentration problems, joint pain, morning stiffness, muscle cramps, unusual skin sensations, tingling, shortness of breath, sinus congestion or nasal drainage, cough, increased thirst, confusion, appetite swings, body temperature dysregulation, urinary frequency or urgency, red eyes, blurred vision, night sweats, mood swings, abdominal tenderness or pain, diarrhea or loose stools, metallic taste, vertigo, static electricity shocks, eyes tearing up, numbness, auto-immune disease.

There is blood work and genetic testing to determine if you have been damaged by mold and if your body is currently in an inflammatory state because of exposure. Once we have the diagnostics in place we will test for the source of mold. Once that has been identified and removed we will begin a specific protocol to correct your bodies response to exposure.

For most of my mold damaged patients there have been years of suffering and hopeless visits to physicians with only medications for symptoms. Even worse for many patients, their family members (the 76% who can tolerate the mold) start to label them as hypochondriacs because their Physicians cannot find anything medically wrong with them. The biotoxin/mold protocol takes 6-8 months to unfold but life can and will be re-claimed from this mis-understood condition.

In a Functional Medicine, Certified Clinical Nutritionists office in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Mold Illness should be a primary focus because it is so prevalent. I am honored to be one of the Practitioners who the I.S.E.A.I. considers a referral for patients in need of help in resolving mold borne illness. is a group of specialists in the world who manage the complex levels of C.I.R.S. and offer the hope of resolution and return to normal life for patients lost in this overlooked and misunderstood disease. Mold Illness does not show up in a normal blood panel so it is missed the majority of the time in your Primary Care Doctors office.

It is important to note that when your medical history and health related goals are explored, your consultations are held directly with Dr. Shaw, not an untrained individual, a staff member, a questionnaire or a computer program. You will not be signing up for a “program” and paying money up front for services not yet rendered. Your health care journey in our office is unique to your specific needs.

I look forward to working directly with you to resolve your systems inflammatory response.— Dr. Conan Shaw  Functional Medicine, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Pittsburgh PA

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