“… a close friend referred me to Dr. Shaw. In less than two months, Dr. Shaw determined why I had a hormone imbalance and corrected that …”

Debbie M. 39
Debbie M – 39

” … The greatest day was when my 5-year-old looked in my eyes and said: “mommy I’m so glad you are back”. eternally grateful”

Emily P. 34
Emily P – 34

“I had recurring migraines, … With Dr. Shaw, I was off of all of my medications in 60 days and migraine free … Life Changing!”

Sara W. 29
Sara W – 29

“… I love being healthy but even better knowing why I was sick, Oh yea and I’m off all medications.”

Jason F - 46
Jason F – 46

“Working in the medical field I was unaware of how advanced functional medicine is, remarkable.”

Ann H
Ann H – 35

“… In three months I was off all medications and pain-free, reflux free, lower colon symptom-free …”

Donald M 45
Donald M – 45

“Menopause was an eye-opener … I lost three sizes in four months, sleep through the night and feel fantastic …”!

Kimberly N. 54
Kimberly N – 54

“… I was also healthier than I have ever been and I know that helped. Miracles! Thank you, Dr. Shaw”!

Dana B. 36
Dana B – 36

” … Food sensitivity, toxic gut and a few vitamin deficiencies … Resolved 45 days” Dr. Shaw is the Best”!

Bethany H
Bethany H – 32

“I have been reacquainted with the person who I used to be – the healthy me. Greatest experience ever”.

Roger M
Roger M – 48