Beth Antoniazzi

Beth has been in charge of running the office since March 2014. She has a background in retail management and interior design. She is gifted with a “get it done and get it done right” mentality.

Thankfully, Beth is exceptional at multi-tasking as her duties include organization and management of all aspects of the practice. She handles scheduling, patient flow, inventory, tracking down blood work results, preparation of all charts for Dr. Shaw and all manages new patient inquiries.

Beth grew up in Western Pennsylvania and overcame many chronic illness conditions through Functional Medicine. Before meeting Dr. Shaw, she had suffered from auto-immune arthritis, chronic fatigue, Chronic Lyme Disease and Mold Borne Illness.

With this personal experience, her dedication and commitment to the practice is deeper than just being the kind and supportive voice on the phone and smiling face at the front desk. Beth understands that patients’ lives can be changed through natural means and in so, is an integral part of the team that facilitates healing.

There is a running joke with patients that Beth runs the office and Dr. Shaw just works here. It is kind of true and we are ever so fortunate to have her orchestrating the flow of the practice.

Beth Antoniazzi